1-Year Comprehensive Warranty


Engine assembly, Engine mount, Crankshaft Crankshaft metal, Cylinder block, Cylinder head, Cylinder head gasket, Cylinder head cover, Piston ring, Each part bracket, Cam shaft, Cam shaft bearings, Valve guide, Valve stem seal, Valve spring, Valve retainer, Valve lifter (tappet), Valve rocker arm, Valve rocker shaft, Push rod, Lash adjuster, Intake and exhaust valves, Oll pressure switch, Oil pump, Water pump, Thermostat, Radiator assembly, Radiator cap, Radiator hose, Radiator mount rubber, Radiator reservoir tank, Cooling fan, Cooling fan coupling, Cooling fan shroud, Cooling fan motor, Ignition coil, Ignition coil switch, Ignition switch, Alternator assembly, Starter motor assembly, High-tension cord, Common rail, Diesel injection nozzle, Fuel injector, Fuel sender gauge, Fuel pump assembly, Intake manifold, Exhaust pipe, Exhaust manifold, Throttle body, Muffler, Supercharger, Turbocharger assembly, Turbo housing, Turbo bearing, Catalytic converter, Secondary air supply system, O2 sensor, Accelerator position sensor, Engine ECU, Oll level sensor, Cam angle sensor, Crank angle sensor, Throttle position sensor, Knock Sensor, Vacuum sensor, Intake air temperature sensor, Air-fuel ratio sensor, Water temperature sensor, Exhaust temperature sensor, Hydraulic pressure sensor, Oil temperature sensor

Power Transmission

A/T assembly, A/T oil pump, A/T clutch, A/T solenoid, A/T valve body, A/T mount, CVT assembly, Torque converter, M/T assembly, M/T mount, Synchronizer mechanism, Transmission gear, High-pressure pump, Electromagnetic clutch, Differential various parts gear, Transfer assembly, Viscous coupling assembly, A/T control unit, CVT control unit, Hydraulic pressure sensor, Oil temperature sensor, Drive shaft assembly, Drive shaft boots, Propeller shaft, Propeller shaft center bearing, Outboard shaft, Inboard shaft, Universal joint


P/S pump. P/S pump gasket kit, P/S Motor, Interface Midi Eight shaft, Steering gear box assembly, Steering gear box gasket kit, Steering column assembly, Steering shaft, Steering knuckle, Tie rod, Tie rod end, Pressure switch, Rack boots, Electric P/S gear box, Steering control unit, Steering torque sensor, Steering angle sensor


Brake caliper assembly, Brake caliper piston, Brake piston seal, Brake booster, Brake wheel cylinder, Brake hose tube, Brake master cylinder, Brake master cylinder cup kit, ABS actuator, ABS control unit


Coll spring, Suspension arm, Suspension arm bush, Suspension Support, Suspension Support bearing, Suspension rod, Stabilizer assembly, Stabilizer bush, Stabilizer link, Ball joint, Lateral rod, Knuckle, Wheel hub, Wheel hub bearings


Inverter, Input damper, Water hose, Water pump, Converter, Circuit breaker sensor, Starter Generator, Other seals, Transaxle assembly, Transaxle oil pan gasket, Hybrid control unit, Battery case, Battery control unit, Various parts harness, Drive motor

Air Conditioning

O-ring, Air conditioning expansion valve, Air conditioning evaporator, Air conditioning condenser, Air conditioning control panel, Air conditioner control unit, Air conditioning compressor assembly, Air conditioning pipe, Air Conditioning monitor, Air conditioning receiver, Air conditioning pressure switch, Air conditioning temperature switch, Flap motor, Blower switch, Blower fan motor, Magnet clutch, Outside air temperature sensor, Inside air temperature sensor

Electrical Equipment

Door mirror assembly. Door minor control unit, Door mirror switch, Opening and closing part door mirror actuator, Mirror surface portion door mirror actuator, Keyless receiver, Sliding door motor, Door control unit, Door lock, Door lock actuator, Door lock switch, P/W switch, P/W master switch, P/W motor, P/W regulator, CD changer, CD deck (including CD-MD composite), CD navigation, DVD changer, DVD deck (including CD-MD composite), DVD navigation, HDD navigation, MD changer, MD deck, Audio amplifier, Cassette deck, Speaker, Multi-navigation unit, Each part antenna, HID burner, Combination switch, Stop lamp switch, Headlight computer, Washer motor, Wiper switch, Wiper motor, Wiper relay control unit, Active body control parts, Immobilizer control unit, Cornerer sensor